The Art Of Remodeling With Microwave Carts

It was an old microwave cart we saw in the attic of my parent’s house that sparked this crazy idea. I remember back when I was a kid when my parents would use this piece of furniture as a movable type of TV stand. I could still hear the rolling sound of wheels on wood as they move it from room to room, usually from my dad’s office to the spare bedroom used either by guests, but mostly by my grandmother who would always come visit and stay for months on end. Surprisingly, judging by the microwave carts at, lots of the designs of these carts really haven’t changed too much at all. She enjoyed quite a lot of TV time, and would request us little kids to wheel it in after dinner.


The TV was one of those big heavy things from the 90′s, and when me and my wife inspected the top shelf of the cart, we can see the tiniest of sags on the center where the TV rested once. No biggie, I thought, when I realized what I can do with it. We had visited the attic for some throwaway furniture my parents don’t need anymore, and I thought this cart is just perfect for what I’ve been planning to do in my son’s room in our new house. You see, I was thinking of setting up a Star Wars themed room, despite my wife badgering me on how it would be completely ridiculous if I insist. But I do insist, and now I found my R2D2 themed furniture.

It’s simple really, thought it will never be the same shape as the real robot. The microwave cart, a squat wooden piece with a gallery top shelf and cabinets below, is easy enough to transform with paint. I used KILZ original spray primer to prime the whole thing then painted it with a metallic finish, painstakingly, in the intricate colors of the robot’s body. I could have avoided a lot of this work by starting off with a metal or stainless steel microwave cart. The tricky part was to come next, the dome head.


I once saw a picture of a mailbox online with an R2D2 theme and took inspiration from it. Instead of using wood, I bought a long metallic sheet off Metals Depot and cut it in four. The first two were shaped into the sides of the microwave cart with its top edge contoured to the bended metal sheet drilled apical to them. I left an opening to the front, where I applied the fourth sheet, bended as well, to slides I placed underside the top sheet so that it can be opened and the gallery shelf still get used. I painted again the top part, this time with dulled colors of white and blue, to get a good match on the wooden ones below.

It definitely was hard work but I’m quite happy with the results. Somehow, my wife looked satisfied as well. My son is of course elated upon seeing it, so it should be no problem to continue on with other Star Wars project for his bedroom.

The Shot Glass That Started This Entire Journey

alumshotglassFor some people, collection hobbies can become their whole life. I used to not understand this back when I was still this young lad busy playing sports. You know, being actually outside. But as I grew older, I appreciated the simple joys of having a vast collection of things that are pretty much useless, except for being pretty to look at.

I can still remember that shot glass that started it all. I’ve always been big on traveling. I like new places. I like the excitement. And most of all, I like drinking and socializing in these new places. So it only made much sense when I saw this beautiful shot glass in Vietnam to start collecting these things. The bartender slash owner had a whole bunch of ‘em set up in a display case behind the bar. But the one thing that caught my eye was this shot glass with a dragon lady intricately designed on it.

It was just SO Vietnam and it represented love for alcohol, I thought at that time, so I felt like I had to go home with it. The bartender wasn’t too keen on the idea, however, and I was forced to buy a somewhat replica in a souvenir shop. I was touring south east Asia then, and by the time I left the region, I collected enough shot glasses for a friend to recommend me to get a display case from

I took a look and smiled, wondering if I should continue with this collection beyond south east Asia. Most shot glass display cases I saw boasted to carry 36, and I had several to fill maybe a quarter of the case. In the end, I bought one made of hardwood with a glass door protection. It certainly looked elegant sitting there in my living room, and I got hooked. When I took a backpacking trip to South America, I collected some more – some bought, some given as a token from friends.

You may ask, did I ever use any of those shot glasses for drinking? Well, most of them are actually used, and have quite a history that can make really interesting conversation.

I still hasn’t forgotten that one shot glass with that fiery dragon on it, though. I don’t know exactly why it got stuck on my mind, but I’m planning to go back to Vietnam someday and see if that ol’ bartender is still up and running his business. Maybe even ask for a trade or two.

Furniture Renovation With The Proper Wood Stain Colors

If you think your wooden living room furniture needs to be replaced then here is a quick solution that will help you save on money by not having to replace them at all but still get a brand new look to your living room: wood stains.

There are a lot of wood stain colors for you to choose from like red oak colors and cherry and a simple wood stain job will give your furniture an entirely different new look that will make them feel like they are completely different pieces in your room.

Is It Easy To Use Wood Stain Colors For Renovation?

The procedure isn’t hard at all and you do not need a professional to do it. All you’re really doing is painting color to your wooden furniture to make them look like they were made of a different type of wood than what they really are. This frees your imagination and you can test several wood stain colors that you think would fit your needs.

The good part is that you are not changing colors of your wooden furniture; you are also letting your furniture’s grains, lines and knots benefit from the change since complementary stains will let them stand out and be more visibile.

Making Sure The Wood Stain Colors Are Correct

The first thing you need to do is to test your chosen wood stain colors on a separate piece of wood that is made of exactly the same piece of the furniture you are going to paint over. If you don’t have a spare piece, use a part of the furniture you are going to paint that won’t be seen. This is important because you need to check if the stain colors work well for your wood. You need to make sure that you test it on the same wood type because different woods would lead to different results.

Secondly you need to check if you are getting a dye or pigment. Dye has smaller particles and works well with wood that have very fine grind like oak wood and maple while pigments are for wood with larger pores since it digs deep into wood.

Wood stain colors are a perfect solution for you to save money while giving your furniture a completely new look that will make your living room look fresh and different.